Custom Wedding Favor Boxes Help Elevate a Special Day

by | Mar 16, 2024 | Customer Stories

Custom packaging sounds like something meant only for larger businesses – for consistency or branding. But that’s not really how it is anymore. The personalized experience is much more accessible these days. Just think of all the possibilities: fundraisers, reunions, sports tournaments.

For Mary Naccarato, it was for her sister’s wedding.

“My sister wanted to have custom-designed wedding favor boxes and hotel check-in boxes,” she said. “She’s super particular about packaging and wanted everything to be high quality and unique.”

The PA student was highly involved in planning the July 2022 event. She wanted to ensure that the day was just as she imagined.

“Her goals for the whole wedding were for everything to be well done and elegant,” Naccarato said.

For Naccarato, that meant finding favor boxes for the wedding that matched that standard. Something “outside the box,” she said. That’s where BoxUp came in.

Special Boxes for a Special Day

Wedding Favor Box Interior

“Guests checked into the hotel and were greeted with a gorgeous box with a watercolor image of the mansion where the wedding was going to be held,” she said. “The watercolor image was also featured as part of the stationary, to tie it all together.”

The boxes set the scene for the wedding, she said.

And after the event, “guests were handed the wedding favor boxes, which featured the couple’s custom crest with their dog, Sunshine, on it,” Naccarato said. “Since the couple did an ice cream sundae bar instead of cake for dessert, inside the boxes contained a piece of cake.”

High Quality, Low Quantity Wedding Favor Boxes

For a wedding that needed to be just right, Naccarato did plenty of research on favor boxes before ultimately deciding on BoxUp. The boxes had to have high print quality – that meant no blurriness or dull colors. They had to be well priced for the quality, and they had to be able to order smaller batches of boxes.

One reason it’s easy for everyday people to work with BoxUp is that there are no minimums. Unlike some packaging companies, BoxUp helps customers with all types of needs achieve their goals.

“We only needed 100 or so wedding favor boxes and 36 hotel guests boxes,” Naccarato said. “BoxUp came up in our Google search, and after playing around on the website, we immediately knew that they were going to be a strong contender.”

And they were right.

“BoxUp boxes were a thicker corrugated cardboard and did not easily bend/break under pressure – they are not flimsy,” she said. “We were very pleased with the quality and the ease of putting the boxes together.”

Not only was she a fan, the recipients were as well: “Our guests raved about them!”

Ultimately, Naccarato was incredibly satisfied choosing BoxUp for wedding favor boxes. “I would recommend that they check out BoxUp for their packaging needs,” she said. “We couldn’t have had a successful wedding without the BoxUp boxes. It truly set us apart from the other weddings we attended this year.”

Need favor boxes for a wedding, party, fundraiser, or other event? Get started designing your custom box today!

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