BoxUp is invested in the moment

The moment is created when big can go small and small can go big. We’re corrugated packaging experts using custom-printed packaging technologies that make it possible to get truly original and inspired ideas into the hands of everyone.

Yes, you can be a Big Shot

Our custom-printed boxes allow your creativity to flourish – for a connection to be made. The recipient of a BoxUp creation is likely to be blown away. Why? Because the box they receive from you will be one of only tens or just a few hundred. And they will know that because of the nature of what’s inside. It’s the nature of what’s on the outside, a custom-printed box – as polished as any large-scale production – that will push it into the totally surprising, ‘this-is-premium’ territory. First impressions mean a lot. But they won’t cost a lot.

Brands, on a new level

BoxUp specializes in short-run (incredibly short) custom-printed boxes at an affordable price. Fast. That makes a greater number of people happy, free to let their imaginations run wild, and ready to go places they haven’t gone before.

About our boxes

Our corrugated shipping boxes are tough. Because we know you are protecting something hand-crafted or hand-selected. It has to survive delivery trucks, weather, and still deliver an amazing impression. Color that pops. Setting the stage for an unboxing like no other.

  • Our 200# corrugate ensures your package arrives intact. There's usually no need for an outer box. The corrugate is slightly stronger than standard boxes you receive via ecommerce.
  • A UV-cure ensures ink won't run if left in a light drizzle.
  • We use a white box material so your design will pop. But if kraft is more your style, give us a call. We are happy to work with you on material choice.

What is Four-color Process? What is CMYK?

Cyan (light blue), Magenta (reddish), Yellow and Black (CMYK) – that’s the key nomenclature of four-color process printing. And that’s what we do at BoxUp with our digitally-printed boxes. We create the many hues and shades of color you see in our gallery of boxes using just these four colors. This means, while your color will always be tight and beautiful, strict Pantone® color matches aren’t possible.

    "Our customers were able to use a personalized box for their high-profile lunch program - and it made them look good.
    Now they are coming back to us because we can offer ways to personalize more events."


    The Butler's Pantry Catering