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Brilliance is always found outside of the box. The BoxUp blog will give you editor tips, design inspiration, and other awesome ideas to keep your brand above the rest. So keep an eye out for new blog posts and don't hesitate to drop us a line if you've got ideas of your own. #BlogBoxUp #BoxUpLabs

Packaging & Design

Can you judge a book by its cover? Can you tell a lot about someone by how they dress? In these blogs, we will get beyond the obvious and cliché to examine packaging in a different light. We’ll take the conversation deep into the details: color, box strength, types and sizes – every aspect of packaging. We’ll dig deep and help you make the very most of it for your business, organization or personal life. More on Packaging & Design

Tutorials & Infographics

The BoxUp platform is designed so you can click on “Create,” make a few selections and you are ready to design. The simplicity of the design canvas allows you to unleash your creativity. In these blog posts, we’ll share tips and ideas to help you make the most of your BoxUp design. More Tutorials & Infographics

Customer Stories

The best thing about BoxUp is BoxUp customers. Their stories are endlessly varied, interesting and full of insight. We want to share their stories. Sometimes we’ll focus on the big stuff, like risk-taking and entrepreneurship. Other times, we’ll look at the smaller details – an idea, a strategy, a tactic that brought results. One thing our customers will do for us – make it a great read. More Stories from BoxUp

Box Basics

BoxUp breaks down ink, structure, pricing and more in our series all about digitial printing on corrugated cardboard. Learn More

Just For Fun

Are you a subscription box fanatic? Or, are you someone with a high esteem for disruptive technology that levels the playing field for the little guy? With these blogs, we explore the many fun and interesting aspects of business and the creative life. More Fun Stuff

Artist Series

Do you ever wonder about what the inspiration behind the design some of your favorite boxes is? Or, how an artist becomes inspired? What about their workspace? What does it look like? With these blogs, we have interviewed BoxUp artists and given you a sneak peak into their creative process. Find Inspiration Here

BoxUp News

BoxUp has been in the news. Check out our most recent features now! More News Here