BoxUp is Invested in the Moment

BoxUp is realizing the power of web to print with the creation of a digital platform to empower businesses, organizations and individuals to bring new levels of customization to their corrugated packaging.

BoxUp was founded by Curt Stephens and Ward Hubbard, two box plant veterans in Terre Haute, Indiana. They saw a gap in the level of service they could offer to small- to mid-sized businesses due to prohibitively high set-up costs. The evolution of digital print technology started to change the game. And they took it one step further. With a foundation of experience and the evolution of technology – the web to print company, BoxUp was born.

Our Home

Our facility is located in the logistical middle of the country. We are two hours from the Louisville UPS hub and one hour from the Indianapolis FedEx hub.

Our Model

We know that there are infinite ways to customize your box – decoration is just scratching the surface (pun intended!). However, we keep costs low by offering the most common sizes in the most common structure types. We know you can find exact dimensions with other manufacturers, but we find that a little extra filler is a lot cheaper than a completely custom structure. And we think it’s pretty cool to offer the best prices on the most popular boxes in America!

About our Boxes

There is a LOT to learn about the humble cardboard box. Our 200# material is structurally sound enough for the back of the big brown truck. We have chosen a balance between the fluting that gives the box strength and the quality of paper that allows a smooth printed surface of ink. We use a white paper so the digital ink pops off the surface. Even kraft cardboard lovers attest that a kraft image lets your other art pop more than using a true kraft material. We also use a solvent-based CMYK digital ink with a UV cure.

The details:

  • 200# corrugated cardboard ensures a box with strength.
  • B- or E-flute corrugated with a white paper for a smooth printed finish.
  • CMYK ink, for color that pops.
  • UV cure, for a protected finish that holds up under light conditions.