Artwork Guidelines

Every artist needs a blank canvas. These guidelines give details on how to create a unique box with your custom design and brand from our blank templates. Follow the instructions below to be on your way to creating a beautiful branded box with BoxUp! The guidelines below are blank template design instructions for Creative Cloud users.

  • Find the exact product and structure type you're interested in Create Step 1.
  • Download the file type (.ai or .pdf) that you can support with your own desktop creative software.
  • All templates have been prepared with Trim, Fold, Mask Area and finishing options.
  • Place all custom artwork on the “DESIGN ART PDF HERE” layer. (Note: Embed any links)
  • Feel free to turn on or off the layers as needed for your design process.
    (Note: Leaving "!! KEEP !!" keeps saved final art in exact position when uploaded onto template).
  • Add text on the "PLACE TEXT HERE" layer (Convert text to outlines on final text).
  • Verify that you are using 300 dpi for your photos at 100% of the placed size.
  • If you're using complex art, then you may need to choose Object > Expand the Fill and Paths of the object.
  • Verify your artwork bleeds at least 3/8” over the edges that trim. The current bleeds are set to 0.375
    You may choose to manually adjust to 0.375. (Note: art does go behind the Mask layer).
  • When you're ready to save, shut off ALL layers except: DESIGN ART PDF HERE, !! KEEP !!, and PLACE TEXT HERE.
  • Choose > File > Save as - "YourFileName_Art.pdf".
    Tip 1: Save Adobe PDF Preset settings as: "[High Quality Print]"
    Tip 2: Marks and Bleeds should be checked to "Use Document Bleed Settings"

    You are Ready to Upload. See below "How to Upload Art and Order"

  • Choose create.
  • Pick your box style.
  • Choose your size you designed art to.
  • Choose the white blank template.
  • Choose “Images” - “upload New Images”. Note: File types supported: EPS (.eps), TIF (.tif), AI (.ai), or PSD (.psd).
  • Locate "YourFileName_Art.pdf" and Upload.
  • Click on the uploaded image to place onto the template. If the image image is not placed correctly, check to see if the "!! KEEP !!" layer was shut off. 
  • Note: Dieline should not be appearing on your uploaded art.
  • Preview 3D and Order!

You can also upload the final design file to this page. Be sure you are logged into your BoxUp account and submit your order completely.

  • First please Convert all Text to Outlines and Embed All links.
  • When uploading here please keep all layers Active EXCEPT the DIELINE layer is shut OFF  when saving your print ready pdf file for uploading.