Artwork Guidelines

Every artist needs a blank canvas. These guidelines give details on how to create a unique box with your custom design and brand from our blank templates. Follow the instructions below to be on your way to creating a beautiful branded box with BoxUp! The guidelines below are blank template design instructions for Creative Cloud users.

  • Find the exact product and structure type you're interested in Create Step 1.
  • Download the file type (.ai or .pdf) that you can support with your own desktop creative software.
  • All templates have been prepared with Trim, Fold, Mask Area and finishing options.
  • Place all custom artwork on the “DESIGN ART PDF HERE” layer.
    (Note: Embed any links)
  • Feel free to turn on or off the layers as needed for your design process.
    (Note: Leaving "!! KEEP !!" keeps saved final art in exact position when final is uploaded onto template).
  • Add text on the "PLACE TEXT HERE" layer (Convert text to outlines on final text).

  • Verify that you are using 300 dpi for your photos at 100% of the placed size.
  • Check there is NO OVERPRINT settings on art/text.
  • If using complex art, then you may need to choose: Object > Expand the Fill and Paths of the art object.
  • Be sure all PMS Colors in the Swatch Palette are CMYK and not Book or Lab Color.
  • Verify artwork bleeds at least 3/8” over the edges that trim. The current bleeds are set to 0.375
    Manually adjust your art to extend 0.375 past the Dieline. (Note: When final pdf is uploaded it is below the Mask layer).

  • When ready to save, shut off ALL layers except:
    -  !! KEEP !!

  • Choose > File > Save as - "YourFileName_Art.pdf"

    Tip 1: Save Adobe PDF Preset settings as: "[High Quality Print]"
    Tip 2: Uncheck "Create Acrobat Layers from Top-Level layers"
    Tip 3: Marks and Bleeds should be checked to "
    Use Document Bleed Settings"

    You are now ready to Upload.

    See Below: "How to Upload Art and Order"

  • Choose Create.
  • Pick your box style.
  • Choose the size you designed your art to.
  • Choose the white blank template.
  • Choose “Images” - “Upload New Images”.
  • Locate "YourFileName_Art.pdf" and Upload.
    Note: Other file types supported: EPS (.eps), TIF (.tif), AI (.ai), or PSD (.psd)
  • Click on the uploaded image to place onto the template.
    If the image is not placed correctly in position, check to see if the "!! KEEP !!" layer was shut off. 
  • Dieline should not be appearing on your uploaded art.
  • Preview your design in 3D and Order.