BoxUp Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our boxes and their structures? We've got answers. If you don't see your question answered, please start a chat with us or send us a message!

FAQ - Structures & Materials

What types of custom shipping boxes can I buy?

We offer six different styles of custom printed boxes: shipper boxes, end-open mailers, top-open gift mailers, display mailers, square mailers, and gable boxes. Click on “Products” at the top of our website to browse the available categories.

What material are the boxes?

Our boxes are constructed from 200# corrugated cardboard and are strong enough to ship on their own without the need for an outer container. 

Are your corrugated boxes made from recycled materials?

All of our boxes have at least 50% recycled content and are 100% recyclable.

Do I have to get a white box?

The exterior of our custom boxes begins as white to allow your design to “pop.” If you wish to have the appearance of Kraft instead of white, you can apply a Kraft background image to your design. (We have Kraft backgrounds available in our Online Editor under Patterns > Backgrounds).

Can you print inside the box?

Yes, you can print on the inside of any of our Display Mailers, Shippers, or Square Mailers.

Are the dimensions for the inside or outside of the box?

All box dimensions listed on our site are for the approximate inner dimensions (length × width × height).

What is dim weight?

Dim weight, or dimensional weight (, is a pricing technique based on the estimated weight of a package calculated by its length, width and height.

Can you help me choose the right size for my box?

Certainly! Reach out to us to get a better feel for what our custom printed boxes can fit. We also offer $1 pre-printed samples of each of our products so you can test the sizes before placing a full order. You can order sample boxes by clicking the "Order a Sample" link located under the orange "Design Now" button.  You can also choose "$1 Stock Box Samples" from our navigation header.

Can I order a custom box size or shape that I don't see listed on the site?

Our prices are competitive because we’ve streamlined production to the standard sizes you see on the website. When we go outside these sizes, prices increase and minimums rise, so we encourage you to consider one of our standard sizes. We have, on occasion, created custom sizes and we’d certainly like to hear what size you’d like to have us offer. Fill out the form here to request a custom sized box.

Why isn’t my tape sticking to the box?

We find boxes that have a high recycled content plus heavy ink coverage require a higher quality tape in order to seal properly. We recommend Scotch 371 tape, which was designed for just these instances. The product link below is for a case but there are retailers and industrial suppliers that sell them individually. It’s recommended to overlap the tape and make sure the tape stretches several inches down the sides of the box. View the recommended Scotch 371 Tape ( Watch our tutorial video on properly taping our boxes (

Is your ink safe for food products?

If you will be shipping food, our box should be the secondary package, not the primary package. There is no known safety problem, but it is a generally accepted best practice that the ink should not touch food (this goes for all digital printers, not just BoxUp). If you wish to have ink that will touch unwrapped food, we suggest finding a printer that will adhere to the Nestle Standard for Food Packaging.

Can I get my boxes printed without the UV cure?

Our process requires a cure to help dry the ink. This cure provides a brighter, purer color and protects the ink from coming off in light weather - or on your clothing! Currently, we are unable to print orders without the UV cure. 

Do you offer any specialty finishes such as gloss or foils?

No, we only offer our standard UV cure that allows for a slight sheen on darker colors. We do not currently offer specialty finishes, like full or spot gloss, glitter, metallic foils, or embossing. 

Will the ink crack on my boxes?

On occasion, cracking can occur with natural paper products like our boxes, especially in the winter months when the weather is drier, and at times of low humidity. The darker the color along your folds, the more likely this will happen. Some suggestions we offer are to avoid solid, dark colors at the fold areas, choose lighter colors instead of dark backgrounds that require large areas of extremely heavy ink application, and assemble the boxes with great care in drier times of the year.

FAQ - Design Process

Have any questions about design or its process at BoxUp?

We've got answers. If you don't see your question answered, please start a chat with us or send us a message!

Which browser is best to use when working with my packaging design on BoxUp?

It is recommended to use Chrome for best response with our design software.

How do I save my design?

Be sure you have an Account set up and save your work. Click on "Save Design" in the upper right corner. Save often to ensure your
latest changes have been saved.

Where does my design go after it is saved?

Your saved designs will be available when you are logged in by clicking on My Account in the upper-right corner and then choosing My Designs from the menu. You will also receive an email with an image of your design and a link to access it in your account. 

What kind of images should I use for my design and what size?

We recommend 300 dpi at actual size. The format can be a JPG image, pdf, psd. Try to find the highest quality image with a file size less than 12 Megabytes (12 MB). If the photo is large in size and lower resolution once it gets scaled down to fit the panels its resolution (dots per inch) may be ok for quality even though the resolution is low.

Where can I get a high quality image?

Need help with design and finding images? Check out Google sites for royalty free images. For example and to name a few.

How do I upload my offline template?

Click on the box size you designed. Launch a Start from Scratch box. Choose Images and upload your PDF that was designed on the master sized template. Click the + sign and will place in position on the flat view.

Can I get a blank template for my in-house designers?

Of course! You can find the artwork guidelines and templates on each product page or here (

Does BoxUp offer Imaging or Graphic Design Services?

We offer a $99 simple design for a background and logo. For true ground-up design assistance on a more in-depth design, we can set you up with one of our designers for a fee of $250. First, you would set up an account and upload any assets to that account - logo, images, etc. Then we’d schedule a 10-20 minute phone call so we can learn about your goals for the box. At that point, we’d turn it over to our art team who would provide a design and a round of changes on that design. You’ll then have the option to order a printed proof at no charge.

Can you help with the design as I create my box?

We are completely DIY when it comes to design, so we ask that you create your box design offline using our design templates, or utilize our online design editor, which is created for use by inexperienced designers or those without offline design tools. There are several preset designed templates to help get you started as well. We are happy to assist with any questions you may have about getting started.

Can you show me how to use the tools in the Editor?

Sure! We offer tutorials on our Youtube channel (click for tutorial videos) that cover our editor tools. Our chat team can also help if you are having trouble, so feel free to reach out with any editor-related questions!

Will the color I see on my screen match what my box will look like printed?

On-Screen colors--like those on a computer monitor--are broken down into three colors: red, green and blue (RGB). Off-screen colors--those that are printed with ink on paper--are created with four colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). These four colors combine to make the 4-color process printing we use for our boxes. Because monitors can produce very rich tones as they can display millions of colors, the RGB color system displays a wider range of colors than CMYK printing. While CMYK printing may result in slight variations in outcome between materials such as paper to plastic, RGB colors also vary between devices due to color settings and emerging technologies. If you are concerned about color matching, we recommend ordering a color swatch or a printed proof of your design before placing a full order.

How do I ensure that my box design will print the way I intend?

There are a few things you can check to make sure your design prints correctly. If you are designing online and you are concerned about the quality of your print, zoom into 100% in the design editor. This will give you an idea of the final print quality. It is important to do this on the flat editor and not the 3D view as the 3D view should be used more for placement purposes. If you are uploading artwork that was designed on one of our design templates, it is important that you follow all of the artwork guidelines. To keep our prices low, the responsibility of correctly uploaded artwork is put on the customer who uploads the art. If you do not follow the artwork guidelines, your artwork may print incorrectly. You can find our offline templates and artwork guidelines here ( As always, if you are concerned about your design for any reason, we recommend ordering a printed proof before placing a full order.

My font is blurry on my printed box. How can I prevent this from happening in the future?

If your text is too small, the words may begin to bleed or appear fuzzy. This is especially important for inverted print (light print on a darker background) or when thin fonts are used. We recommend using a 10pt size or larger and applying a stroke to thin fonts. For more tips about fonts, view our blog post Font Basics.

Can I see my design in person before committing to a full order?

Yes! We offer every customer a free printed proof of your custom design before placing a larger order. Use the promo code FREEPROOF at checkout to order a single custom print and you’ll only pay for shipping!
And if you just need to determine the correct box size, we offer $1 preprinted or blank samples. Just select the “Order A Sample” link on any product page.

Do you have any design advice?

You can check out our various blog posts regarding packaging and design here. Need some help with inspiration? View our customers’ beautiful designs on Facebook and Instagram! And if you are ready to design but are unsure where to start, you can check out our pre-made templates. Our pre-made templates offer professional designs that can be customized with your info. There are over 180 to choose from! To see our templates, Just select Design Online on any of our products and click Get Started!

How close can my art get to the fold marks or diecut?

While designing your box is to allow up to ⅛” movement of the product during production.
This means that if your design is aligned exactly to folded areas or right at the edge of the product there may be slight
variations in alignment and cut off your art.

The 3D view looks blurry. Should I be concerned?

The 3D model tends to be more pixelated simply due to the rendering software and is more for placement purposes. A more accurate reading of how your box will print is the 2D view, but as long as you are using high-resolution images, your artwork should print crisp and clean. If you’d like, you can hop on our chat right after placing your order and we can check the artwork for you before sending it to print. (We can only get a true reading of your artwork when it comes through with your order and not prior to purchase.)

Can I use my own font?

If you have fonts that you do not see in our featured font list, please treat your fonts as a design element. Create your text in illustrator
or in Photoshop and then create outlines or rasterize the fonts and upload that element as a design to place it onto your template.

Can I upload my own patterns?

Yes. You can use an offline template and design your pattern and upload that as a PDF click the plus + to add it to the design.
You can also upload a pattern and place it and size to fit.

Can I change the color on the patterns in the editor?

Yes, this makes it fun! Click on your pattern chosen on your design. Click on Edit Pattern in the upper right corner.
See the tool bar that displays color options. Click on each and change to your desired color. 

What is four-color process? what is CMYK?

We use the four-color (or CMYK) process to print on our boxes. CMYK refers to cyan, magenta, yellow and black. This process combines these four colors to create a wide variety of hues and shades.

Do you color match?

If you are concerned about the color outcome, we offer a free custom-printed proof, as well as a color swatch sample. Just place an order for one print using your design and apply the code FREEPROOF at checkout and you’ll only be charged for shipping! Learn more about our $1 color sample here ( Please contact us if you have additional questions. 

Can I use Pantone colors?

You can use a Pantone color in your offline designs. But, keep in mind that the final results will interpret this to cmyk for our digital printing process. If you are concerned about the color outcome, we offer a free custom-printed proof, as well as a color swatch sample. Just place an order for one print using your design and apply the code FREEPROOF at checkout and you’ll only be charged for shipping.

Does the price change based on the number of colors used in the design?

No, not at BoxUp! You can use as many colors as you would like for the same price.

Can I enter a hex color in the editor?

Not at this time. You can create a design element off-site using your specific hex color value and upload it into the editor.

FAQ - About Orders

Want some more details about ordering your custom boxes from us? Look no further. Most orders are approved for processing within 1-2 business days and printed within 10 business days from the time we receive them. If you don't see your question answered, please start a chat with us or send us a message.

Will someone check my design before it goes into production?

Our team of designers will run your order final through our preflight software. Most items can be resolved if found. However, certain issues can be a reason to put the order on hold. If this occurs, we will reach out to you and provide you the reason, your original file and direction to correct it. Once the file is fixed by your team you will receive another Final Approval to look over one last time and then get the order into production. The longer it is on hold that does delay the current turn time. **Keep in mind, you are responsible for any spelling, grammar, content, and layout. The preflight will not make sure your artwork "looks correct," so be sure to carefully proofread and make sure your content is correctly placed before submitting your order. If you are uploading an offline template or design elements, please make sure that you follow our artwork guidelines.

How long does shipping take after production?

Shipping time is dependent on which shipping option you choose at checkout. You will see Rush, standard, and economy as shipping options and you will see an estimated in hands date for each option.

Will larger orders take longer to ship?

For orders exceeding a quantity of 3,000, we can talk to you one-on-one about turn time. Turn time for larger quantities can depend on both the quantity and the structure type. Any time you have a deadline to meet or special circumstances, please reach out to our customer service team before you place the order to ensure we can accommodate. We will always try to meet your needs if it's within our capabilities.

Can I change or cancel my order?

The minute you hit “approve,” we start working on your order. We take our fast turnaround times very seriously. If you’ve made a mistake and need help, please chat with us immediately or email and we’ll try our best to hold the order if it hasn’t already been processed. If your order is already in progress, it may not be able to be canceled or changed. All orders are 100% custom, so once your order is in progress we can no longer offer a refund.

Are there die or plate charges? What about set-up fees?

We do not charge these fees at BoxUp!

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is just 12 boxes, and you can order by the dozen in any quantity above that. You can also order a single printed “Proof” of your box to confirm print quality.

Your prices only go to 3,000. What if I need more boxes?

We can print as many boxes as you need. Large orders need special attention from our production team and may qualify for quantity discounts and special delivery options. Please contact customer service with any quote requests and we will get you setup with a sales agent.

How much does shipping cost?

Our website has a built-in shipping calculator on each product page under the pricing slider. You can choose from either Rush, Standard, or Economy shipping. You will be able to see the estimated in-hands date each option allows. The price will depend on what option you choose.

What if I’m not satisfied with my order?

Due to the custom nature of our product, we cannot accept returns unless you received the incorrect product. However, if your order is damaged or printed differently from the virtual renderings that you approved, we will work with you to find a solution on an individual basis. Your order is only eligible for a claim if it was placed in the last 60 days. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions at all.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship to the U.S. and Canada. If you would like to ship outside of these regions you would need to make arrangements with a freight forwarding company, such as Shipito (

Can I split-ship my order between different locations?

We do not offer split-shipping. If you need a quantity to go to two or more locations, you will need to place a separate order for each shipping address. We cannot split ship orders that have already been placed.

What am I responsible for when using my own shipping number?

When shipping on a 3rd party shipping account, you assume all responsibility for shipping. While uncommon, transit times can vary to some locations depending on the shipping provider, so BoxUp cannot guarantee the delivery date when shipping on a 3rd party account. If your package is lost or damaged, it is your responsibility to file a claim with the shipping provider. Please reach out to us with questions about reprinting your order, and send photos of any damage. If your shipping number is invalid and BoxUp is billed for any shipment shipped on a 3rd party account, we will hold future orders until payment has been made to cover previous unpaid shipping costs.

I put the wrong ship to address on my order! Can I change it?

Please contact BoxUp immediately if you need to change a shipping address. Call or email  The status of your order will determine whether shipping adjustments may be made. A fee may be charged depending on where the order is in the production process. Once your order has shipped, shipping carriers often have restrictions and fees regarding address changes. If an update is feasible, note that changing the address after the package has shipped will delay the delivery of your package. If your order is returned to us due to an invalid address, you will be responsible for any reshipping fees.

I need to know my order status, Where can I find that?

If you'd like to know where your order is in production, feel free to open a chat! Our chat team can see where your order is in the production process and provide tracking if your order has shipped. We also email updates on your order status every step of the way, so be sure to check your inbox! You can check what email we have on your account by going to My Account and My Info.

I ordered the wrong size. What do I do now?

Unfortunately, because of the custom nature of our products, we can not accept any returns if the size does not meet your requirements. The inside box dimensions are included in each product title. Please measure your items carefully and do not rely only on the images provided on the website to determine if a specific box size will work. We offer $1 samples for product sizing, as well as a free custom-printed proof of your custom design. Please let us know if you need additional assistance in determining the correct box size before placing your order.

Do you have any rush options?

We have three shipping options at checkout. Rush, standard, and economy. You will see a different shipping price and a different in hands date depending on what option you choose. If you need your boxes fast, you will want to go with the Rush shipping option.