The Importance of First Impressions

How the Right Shipping Box Can Make All the Difference

Shipping boxes tend to be the last detail of product development, meaning that you might overlook how important they really are. A custom shipping box can do a lot more than just get your product from place to place. Packaging is your chance to attract and inform great customers! You only get one first impression, so we’ll explore a few ways that you can make sure you get it right!

The Right Presentation

Nobody represents your company better than you. There are probably many business owners who wish they could talk to all of their potential customers, shake their hands, and give them the added value that only an in-person sales pitch can provide. But online, you won’t have that same opportunity to speak directly to your buyers. The rise of ecommerce means that your box is the ambassador of your brand! An easy way you can connect is to add a personal touch your shipping boxes. Show your customers that you appreciate their business by addressing them directly! A logo along with a simple greeting or a thank you will help to give your brand a voice, and allow you to reach beyond your box. Take your target audience into consideration here, and make sure that your message fits with your overall branding. If you wouldn’t go to an important sales meeting in your pajamas, neither should your box! Customers will respond favorably to packaging that looks refined and intentional, so don’t hurt your chances with a box that looks like an afterthought. You can go all out with custom artwork to create something maximal, but even adding your logo and a single color can help tie your whole image together. Take advantage of online resources for advice and inspiration on current style and design trends. And if design really isn’t your thing, you can also try customizable templates or professional design services. Your boxes are your silent sales team, so don’t leave them out! Make sure your box makes a good first impression by being a fully realized part of your branding!
Branded box with a personal message

The Right Tone

Branding is better when everything works together! It’s important for your custom boxes to accurately represent your business. This may seem like a no-brainer, but we’ve all seen packaging or advertising that was confusing or downright tone-deaf. Your box’s design should make sense for what you are selling, and reflect the needs of your customers. For example, if your business deals with sensitive  issues, such as health or finances, it probably isn’t a great time to use a casual, comedic tone. These customers are likely anxious about these topics, and your design’s tone should present you as competent and reliable.  This doesn’t just apply to your written message. Color and imagery are also powerful tools for defining your brand voice. Warm colors like red, yellow, and orange pull a completely different emotional response than cool colors like blue or green. A design that uses photographs creates a different mood from one that uses cartoon graphics. Choose elements that speak for your brand and work with your written voice. If your customers feel like you have an inconsistent or confusing message, it may ultimately damage their impression of your brand. Shoppers aren’t likely to buy your products if they can’t understand what you’re all about at a glance, or if you put them off with an inappropriate tone. Take some time to evaluate your company’s mission, and develop a uniform style that conveys those ideas.
A damaged shipping box

The Right Box Style & Size

The outward appearance of your box isn’t the only thing you need to consider for a great first impression. Your box or mailer also needs to be appropriately sized to get products to your customers in good condition. A bad fit can create a higher chance of damage during shipping, and nobody likes the disappointment of receiving a damaged order. Your inventory is one of your biggest investments, so it’s worth protecting! Sending replacement products can add up, and customers who receive damaged goods may not give you another chance.  Take the extra time to measure your product and test a few different box sizes to get the right fit.  Your shipping box should also be made from a durable material, like corrugated cardboard, so it can withstand shipping and returns. Aside from shipping woes, a box that doesn’t fit can also leave customers feeling shortchanged. Everyone knows the feeling of opening a bag of chips, only to see that half the bag is air. Believe it or not, customers feel the same way about boxes! When your customers open a full box, they feel like they got their money’s worth over a box that is dominated by empty space. So rather than filling out a package with packing material, consider downsizing for a more tailored fit. You might just win over a few customers who want more bang for their buck!  After finally deciding on the right box, there is one final step to making the best first impression: keeping your inventory of boxes in good condition! While some scuffs and bumps are to be expected during shipping, you don’t want to start out with deteriorated packaging. Ensure that your stock is kept in a clean, dry location. If possible, cover your stored boxes to keep them free of dust and debris. Your custom mailer boxes are part of your investment! Don’t spoil your big debut with shabby packaging.
Sample logo boxes

Easily Create Custom Boxes with BoxUp

We want your customers to experience love at first sight! If you’re looking to customize your boxes and boost your first impression, BoxUp is here to help. Create an account today, and take advantage of our $1 stock samples to start finding your fit.  And when you’ve smoothed out all the details, start a chat to find out how you can get a FREE proof of your custom box design!

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