The Power of Customization

Why You Need Customized Packaging

Are you drowning in packing material to fill out a store-bought shipping box? Do you need more durability than a bubble mailer? Maybe you just want to stand out in the receiving room? Whatever your reasons for considering custom packaging, here are 5 reasons to take the plunge! 

It’s Better with Branding

Everything about your product needs to be geared towards your customers, including your packaging. Your box is an essential marketing tool, and customizing your packaging to reflect your brand will help make a memorable first impression. Customization will go a long way to help solidify your identity, and help repeat customers find you. One study by the University of Loyola, Maryland found that brand recognition is increased 80% by color alone. Don’t let a plain package come between you and a real connection! 

An appealing design can also get people talking! If your packaging is impactful, your customers are more likely to share that unboxing experience with others. Social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok give regular people and influencers alike a venue to raise awareness about your company. These unboxing videos are often unsponsored, genuine reactions to your packaging and products, so make sure your box clearly communicates your brand. Optimize your design to make the most of this no-cost marketing!

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Your Box, Your Way

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all boxes from the supermarket! Not only is the print customizable, but the size and shape of your box can also be tailored to your needs. Corrugated can be cut to almost any shape, making it an ideal material for companies with specific packaging requirements. From specialty display lids, carry-handles, and even custom inserts, there are endless corrugated products on the market that fit a number of different needs. 

You can save even more by opting to choose from a catalog of popular box styles and sizes, meaning you get all of the style with none of the setup fees! Unlike office supply stores, companies like BoxUp offer a wider and more specialized range of choices, making finding the right fit easier and more affordable. Paper products like corrugated can also be shipped flat for easy transport and storage, so you can assemble them as needed!

A Better Fit for Better Shipping

Have you ever ordered something online, only to have it arrive destroyed after rattling around in a huge shipping box? It’s true that corrugated is extremely durable and well-suited for shipping. However, durability isn’t the only thing to consider when deciding on shipping boxes. A durable container that is poorly fitted won’t do much to help that custom-made coffee mug as it bounces around in all that extra space! Inventory is costly, and repeat shipments to replace damaged goods can eat into your budget. And worst of all, customers who receive damaged goods may not buy from you again.

Custom corrugated packaging can ultimately help you avoid shipping damage by properly holding your products in place. This can also save you from having to load up on extra packing materials, which can be wasteful and often environmentally unfriendly. So if you have been receiving feedback about damaged goods from your customers, maybe it’s time to see if a custom fit can help keep your product safer.

Custom branded coffee mug box

Surprise Savings

Not only does a custom fit help to protect your products, you may also see those shipping rates come down! Going with off-the-shelf shipping boxes from a carrier service or a shopping center may seem like a convenient option, but it may be more bulk than you need to ship your goods. This unnecessarily increases your shipping dimensions, and your shipping weight. Having well-fitted packaging will help standardize those measurements for your business. And even if you’re only seeing a small decrease at the start, this will make a big difference as your company grows. So while there are more obvious reasons to consider a more tailored fit for your boxes, don’t forget about this little money-saving bonus!

Sustainable Materials Matter

The world we live in is becoming more environmentally conscious with each passing day. As a result, more companies, and their consumers, are opting for more responsible packaging. With growing concerns over plastic, paper products such as corrugated are quickly becoming the go-to for sustainability. And with good reason! Corrugated recycling has a fantastic recovery rate compared to other products. According to, recycled corrugated has a whopping 96% recovery rate, more than any other recycled material! This plays a big part in the corrugated industry, where the average recycled material content in new boxes hovers around 50%.

In addition to being highly recyclable, corrugated is also highly sustainable. Almost 96% of corrugated is created using material sourced with supervision from responsible forestry programs, meaning that it is a safer choice for sustainable packaging.

When deciding what packaging to use, take a moment to see if the materials are sustainably sourced, contain recycled material, or are recyclable. Your environmentally conscious choices help push the manufacturing industry towards more sustainable practices!

We hope that this article inspires you to explore the benefits of customized packaging. 

If you are ready to start building your brand identity, BoxUp can help! We offer completely DIY customization of 6 box styles and 27 different sizes, so there is something for everyone! You can create your box online in our easy-to-use editor, or you can design offline in the software of your choice. And if you need some inspiration, we have over 180 pre-made templates to get you started! 

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