Custom Packing Tape

Brand your business boxes in an affordable way with custom packaging tape. Design your own custom tape with your brand and logo, choosing to print on either clear plastic or white plastic. Available in 165 ft and 330 ft rolls.

Rolls of clear vs white custom poly tape
Rolls of clear vs white custom poly tape
Custom White Poly Tape on White Box with roll
Custom clear poly tape on brown box with roll
Custom White Poly Tape on White Box
Custom clear poly tape on brown box
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Product Details

Why Use Custom Packing Tape?

When promoting your small business, custom packaging doesn't need to be expensive. Build brand recognition and secure your shipments with elegant custom packaging tape, designed to match your brand and logo.   

Our high-strength, polypropylene self-adhesive tape rolls are easy to customize and elevate the branding on ecommerce mailer boxes, shipping boxes, and other product shipments. For best results, our custom tape should only be applied to unprinted, kraft, or lightly colored boxes.  

Our poly tape is 2.9" wide, with 4 options for logo repeat length. Choose from clear or white plastic. 

Ordering Custom Tape

Select the tape length and material that best works for you. If you have full-bleed artwork, be sure to order 4 rolls to avoid a 1/32" white line at the top and bottom of your design. All other artwork can order 2 rolls.

Then customize your artwork from scratch or using one of our premade templates and approve your design. You'll love how your custom tape "pops" on your shipping box!

Our Process

Product Guarantee

We take full responsibility for the quality of products. If you are ever dissatisfied with the quality, reach out to us immediately. We will work with you to facilitate a return or replacement of your Custom Packing Tape order. 


UPS ground shipping is our default. You will receive a shipping notification when your order is being processed for shipping. Please allow 24 hours for the tracking number to populate your shipping information. Please note, Custom Packing Tape may have a different delivery time from any custom boxes you add to your order. If you require special shipping instructions such as blind shipping, a house UPS account or an alternate shipping arrangement, you must reach out to customers service to approve and process your request.

Custom Packing Tape FAQ

What is Packing Tape?

Packing tape, or packaging tape, is durable tape used to seal packages including boxes, envelopes, and flexible pouches.  Our custom packing tape is self-adhesive and water, dust, and wear-resistant. It seals best to unprinted, kraft, or lightly colored boxes.

How heavy a package can your printed tape seal?

Our custom packing tape is suitable for sealing packages upt to 45 lbs. 

How many packages will a roll of custom packing tape seal?

Depending on the size of your boxes, our 165' tape will seal about 200 packages and our 330' tape will seal about 400 packages. 

What does tape logo repeat length mean?

Repeat length is the distance from the beginning of the impression like your text logo or image, to the beginning of the same impression. Our minimum branded packaging tape repeat length is 3". 
Custom Tape Repeat Logo Length Guidelines

What is the difference between White Poly and Clear Plastic Tape?

Clear Plastic Tape is similar to your standard packaging tape, where your printed designs will appear somewhat translucent. White Poly is a premium tape material that serves as a white (opaque) base for printing your design in rich, vibrant colors. 

Can I use your packaging tape with a regular tape gun? 

Yes, our sizes are standard and should fit most machines/dispensers.

What temperature is recommended for storing and using this tape?

For the best results, apply the tape in temperatures between 14 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.