Artist Series: Sarah Casasanto

Artist Series: Sarah Casasanto

As part of a series, we talk with some of the professional artists, graphic designers and others who make their living in creative endeavors and have created art for a BoxUp project. In this edition, we spoke with Sarah Casasanto.

Q1. When tasked with a project/commission where creative output lies ahead, where do you go for inspiration?

I always start with the client! Design is such a personal reflection of each particular client, so I always dive in deep with the individual to figure out what makes them tick, what their values, mission and goals are. I need to know the colors, icons and fonts that they are most attracted to and how we can connect that aesthetic to their visual design needs. But of course, Pinterest and Instagram are great resources for getting the creative juices flowing and learning from other amazing designers!

Q2. Describe your workspace. Is it thoughtfully planned? A reflection of you or your process? Something you apologize for?

I strongly believe that wherever you do your work, your environment should inspire you! My furniture is white and simple, so that the artwork I display throughout the space really pops. I have one wall that I reserve for pinning up some of my latest projects. I also have some of my favorite photos hanging around me – from family members who have inspired me on this journey of becoming an artist, to photos of my right-hand girl, Ellie (an Olde English Bulldog). Of course, as Sarah Cas Branding and Design’s Chief of Security, she has her own spot in the studio just for her. Oh, and I can’t forget lots of storage… Artists need all the storage they can get!

Q3. What was it like creating custom artwork for a commercial client - in particular, a custom BoxUp box?

It’s a blast, really. Every client, every one of their needs – it’s always different on a deliverable level. But, to take design from a 2D level (say with just print piece) to a 3D level, like a custom BoxUp design, is really exciting. There’s more real estate to showcase the "wow" factor of each client's project and make it an experience at every corner and every turn. For The Paint Bar Kids, holistically, the overall design meshes beautifully with their brand. Each side of the box is unique while still reflecting the brand as a whole.

Q4. Any advice for the "kitchen table entrepreneur" in terms of how they treat and value design?

Don’t lie to yourself, and I certainly won’t lie to you either: design matters! Many times, it is the first thing that your community/your potential clients/your audience interact with before they even get a chance to talk to you to learn first-hand what you’re all about…so no matter the context, put your design hat on and make every piece count, because you only get one chance to make a first impression. Your brand is talking about you behind your back, and you have the power to control what it says through thoughtful, strategic and intentional design.

Q5. Just for fun: What's a favorite project you've done or are currently working on, and why?

A terrible answer, but every project is my favorite. I am so blessed to call design my creative outlet and business…and to be able to turn around and gift that to my clients and their business/organization? That’s an incredible thing.