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Custom Display Mailer Box

To display your products in the best way possible, customize our cardboard display boxes with your brand. With these boxes you show off your brand and showcase products, whether at a store or at the mailbox. Choose from a wide range of six sizes, Extra Small (5L x 3W x 1 1/2H), Small (6L x 4W x 3H), Medium (7L x 5W x 3H), Large (8L x 6W x 3H), our most popular size, the Extra Large (9 1/2L, 7 3/4W, x 4H) and the Extra Extra Large (11 1/4L X 9W X 3H).

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Display Mailer Box

Display Mailer Extra Small Weight: 1 oz.
Display Mailer Small Weight: 3 oz.
Display Mailer Medium Weight: 4 oz.
Display Mailer Large Weight: 5 oz.
Display Mailer Extra Large Weight: 8 oz.
Display Mailer XXL Weight: 8 oz.


XSmall Small Medium Large XLarge XXLarge