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Worthy of placement on a retail shelf, this box is meant to display your product. Or the perfect vessel for your event swag. Custom-designed display boxes bring class to the moment. Six sizes. Extra Small (5L x 3W x 1 1/2H), Small (6L x 4W x 3H), Medium (7L x 5W x 3H), Large (8L x 6W x 3H), Extra Large (9 1/2L, 7 3/4W, x 4H) and the new Extra Extra Large (11 1/4L X 9W X 3H).
Open from top with tuck.  

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Display Box

Display Extra Small Weight: 1 oz.
Display Small Weight: 3 oz.
Display Medium Weight: 4 oz.
Display Large Weight: 5 oz.
Display Extra Large Weight: 8 oz.
Display XXL Weight: 8 oz.


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