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When presentation matters and folding won't do. Large, flat items (like pizza, of course) can be transported and delivered. Three sizes. The small (12L x 12W x 2 1/4H) fits a 12-inch pizza, bakery items such as cookies, or small pies. The medium box (14L x 14W x 2 1/4H) is the 14-inch pizza size and give you a little more room for pastries and specialty cookies. The large branded box (16L x 16W x 2 1/2H) accommodates a 16-inch pizza and with an extra 1/2" depth can accommodate lunch packs, as well. The object of your artisan efforts deserves custom printed packaging that helps you tell your story. Opens from top with tuck. 

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Delivery Box

Delivery Small Weight: 8 oz.
Delivery Medium Weight: 10 oz.
Delivery Large Weight: 13 oz.

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