1. Select Style

We did the research for you! Years in the box business has taught us the six most utilized box styles for business. From these styles, we assembled the best sizes, ranging from the super-small display box to the large shipping box. We know whether you're packaging one-of-a-kind artisan gifts or monthly subscription boxes in themed packaging, you want to create an unboxing event for your customer.
In step one, choose one of the six different box styles below.

image description

Ship & Mail

Classic, top-open shipping boxes
in three midrange sizes.
Three standard sized, end open mailers
for documents and more.

image description

Gift & Display

Tuck open from the top, these gift boxes
come in three hand-held sizes.
Display boxes can go from shelf to mail
with the addition of a label.

image description

Delivery & Carry Out

It looks like a pizza box, but has the size versatility
and opening style any product deserves.
The basic rectangle box just got a whole lot
more useful with the addition of a handle.